The 1992 Games

  • What happened on the 17 October 1986 ?
  • Did Franck Piccard win the Olympic downhill ?
  • Who designed the Olympic podium ?
  • Is the bobsleigh run still open today ?
  • Can you ski the Face de Bellevarde ?
  • What was the mascot's name ?

10 years of adventure for 16 days of Games : It all began in 1982, when Jean-Claude Killy and Michel Barnier proposed that the Savoie bid for the XVI Winter Olympic Games. It was on the 17 October 1986, in Lausanne, that the city of Albertville was chosen. A wall calendar with secret compartments allows you to discover the key dates of this great adventure.

Designers drew the symbols for the Games : Philippe Starck designed the flame and the Olympic torch, the podium is the work of Martin Szeckely. Gold and crystal, the medals were an original creation by Lalique.
 Today all of the ski runs have become a part of the resorts concerned, and any good skier can ski the face de Bellevarde, if he wants to imitate Franck Piccard and his silver medal. An album of athletes allows you to relive the emotions of the Games : Alberto Tomba who thrilled the "Tifosi" with his silver medal, Surya Bonaly in figure skating, Bjorn Dählie in cross-country….

The Olympic project is really one of improving the local facilities : improving transportation infrastructure to encourage tourism by easier access ; renovating disused industrial sites into lodging and businesses ; a bobsleigh run which is still active today, after modernisation of the refrigeration system in 2009, and which offers tourist activities such as the "bobraft" !

And the mascot ? Well…. It's magical !

The Olympic sites used for the 1992 Albertville/Savoie Olympics :

Site During the Games After the Games
  • Host city and Games entry gate
  • Opening and closing ceremonies 
  • Speed skating
  • Figure skating
  • Short track
  • Town of 18 900 inhabitants
  • Site renovated into a park
  • Athletics stadium
  • Olympic Hall used for skating, conferences, concerts
Les Arcs
  • Speed skiing
  • Ski run integrated into the resort. Until 2007, competitions and tests for the general public
  • Olympic Village
  • Became a winter resort thanks to the Olympic cable car as well as a thermal spa
  • I.O.C. accommodation
  • 90m and 120m ski jumps
  • Nordic combined
  • Ski jumps used winter and summer for competition. Two additional jumps of 60m and 25m for the general public
La Léchère
  • Press centre
  • Lodging, businesses, theatre used by the spa resort
Les Menuires
  • Men's Special Slalom
  • Ski run integrated into the resort, competitions
  • Hockey
  • Women's Alpine Skiing
  • Ice skating rink, complete with a sports and commercial centre
  • Ski run integrated into the resort
  • Radio and TV Broadcast Centre
  • Lodging, businesses, theatre used for cultural activities
La Plagne
  • Bobsleigh and luge track
  • Used for competitions and various tourist activities : bobraft, taxibob…
  • Modernised between 2006 and 2009 with a glycol refrigeration system replacing the ammonia system
  • Curling 
  • Ice rink adding to the resort's facilities
Les Saisies
  • Men's and Women's cross country skiing
  • Biathlon
  • Cross country trails through the forest. A botanic walk and a habitat protection law
La Tania
  • Olympique Village annexe
  • A resort created in 1992 between Courchevel and Méribel
  • Freestyle Skiing
  • Ski run integrated into the resort and improved for competitions
Val d’Isère
  • Men's Alpine Skiing
  • Ski run integrated into the resort. Organisation of major competitions such as the 2009 World Alpine Skiing Championships