The Olympic movement

  • Who created the Olympic motto ?
  • On what date did Pierre de Coubertin launch the modern era of the Olympic Games ?
  • When were the first Paralympic Games held ?
  • What does the Olympic Flag signify ?
  • And how does the concept of fair-play fit in ?
  • Who recited the Olympic oath at the Grenoble Olympic Games in 1968 ?

When Pierre de Coubertin founded the International Olympic Committee in 1894, he used the words of his friend father Henri Didon "Faster, higher, stronger" as an Olympic motto. The flag, designed by Pierre de Coubertin, is a universal symbol : "the five rings represent the five parts of the world linked to the Olympic movement. Further, if the white background is counted, the six colours combined represent the colours of the flags of all nations”.

After the first summer Olympic Games in Athens 1896, winter sports have been part of the Games since Chamonix 1924. But the first Paralympic Games were not held until Sweden 1976 (Ornkoldsvik).

The Olympic values are carried by the athletes who take the oath to be "loyal competitors, respecting the rules, in the true spirit of sportsmanship and chivalry, for the glory of sport and the honour of our teams" as Léo Lacroix recited in 1968. Listen to the statements of the athletes, such as Frank Piccard, Karine Ruby, Perrine Pelen or Edgar Grospiron, to understand their commitment and enthusiasm. And for the other values, they are discovered on site !